Catch Reports 2010

February 2010

Week starting Monday 1st

Logie Trout Fishery has got back to full swing after six weeks of ice.

Tony Moore, Aberdeen showing the way with an overwintered 10lbs. 6ozs rainbow  caught on an orange fritz. 

Jim Dea, Stonehaven had 3 with a white fritz along with N. Manson, Aberdeen.

Others catching were M. Roy, Monifiech on a cats whisker, K McKenzie, Aberdeen and D. Thistleton, Cove on fritz .

Lets hope the hard frost is over for another year


March 2010

Week starting Monday 8th

Good sport at Logie Trout Fishery with plenty of takes. 

M.Scott, Drumlithie caught 9 on fritz, S. Williams, Aberdeen 7  on a black fritz and Ian Brown, Alyth had 5 on a silver gold head.  

A  4lbs.4ozs. Blue was the best fish landed this week by D. Forsyth, also from Aylth using a huemugus fly. 

John Duncan a fourteen year old from Stonehaven landed a 3lbs. 3ozs. rainbow on his first visit to the Fishery


March 2010

Week starting Monday 22nd

Big numbers caught at Logie this week despite blustery conditions. 

D. Thistleton, Cove at the top of the list with 21 fish hooked on a dancer.

J. Dea, Stonehaven had 12 on a white fritz, D. French, Stonehaven 9 on a stoney dazzler.

 Eliz Nest, Aberdeen 5 on fritz and R. McBain Aberdeen and D. McBain, Pitcaple both had 4 on goldheads.


March 2010

Week starting Monday 29th

The on going cold weather did not deter Anglers hauling out fish at Logie. 

Each of the following landed 7 rainbows Willie Falconer, Cove
on buzzers,  J. Dea, Stonehaven on green fritz and Daren Thistleton, Cove on fritz. 

D. Easton, Altens Aberdeen had 6 including a blue weighing in at 3lbs.5ozs.


April 2010

Week starting Monday 26th

Highest number of fish landed this week was 13  tempted on bunny leech by Jim Nicol, Stonehaven.

 Fred Mitchell, Bridge of Don had 6 with his first rainbow weighing 7lbs. 3ozs which was caught on a buzzer. 

R. Warrender, Aberdeen had 7 and Ian McIndewar 6 on yellow dancers . 

The majority of Anglers getting their limit 


May 2010

Week starting Monday 10th

A few good fish landed at Logie this week. 

Jim Dea, Stonehaven with the heaviest weighing in at 8lbs on a fritz. 

Gordon Pollard then got a 7lbs 7ozs rainbow on a wsw and  Birdie also from Stonehaven a 5lbs 13ozs fish on a lure.  

Darren Thistleton from Cove caught most landing 10 on dancer/fritz, his first two weighing in at 5lbs 8ozs

The water is beginning to heat up now and the flylife improving with the swallows taking full advantage.


May 2010

Week starting Monday 31st

A busy weekend at Logie saw D Thistleton catch nine, the best weighing in at 4lb 9ozs.

D Mcknockter beat that with a 5lb 5oz rainbow. Both were using cats whiskers.

E Barnett and J Polson from Dundee braved the wet Sunday morning catching two and three respectively with an average of 3lbs per fish.

Earlier in the week B Watt, Newtonhill, and R Warrender, Aberdeen, both caught four,  with several others catching their limit and above.

T McLeod, Edzell, had a good evening session catching nine.


June 2010

Week starting Monday 14th

A quieter week at Logie---some Anglers must watch football !!

   Ali Dea from Cove landed a nice 5 lbs 3ozs rainbow on an olive damsel. 

Darren Thistleton, Cove caught eleven with buzzers and his son Darrel had four. 

Fred Mitchell, Aberdeen had a  3lbs 8ozs trout included in his catch. 

George Buchan. Stevie Charles and Jim Webster enjoyed a good mornings fishing.


June 2010

Week starting Monday 28th

Good catches at Logie this week. 

Colin Carter from Merseyside caught 10 rainbows and 1 blue.

Stan from Fife had 7 with an olive tadpole and Darren Thistleton of Cove caught 8 including a 5lb 2oz blue. 

Grant Morrison from Cove had 7 on a viva and Jason Whitelaw, Stonehaven 5 on a fritz just to name a few of the many happy anglers.


July 2010

Week starting Monday 5th

Highest numbers of fish landed last week were caught by J Brown, Aberdeen with 10 on olive fritz.

  Ali Dear, Cove had 8 on a blob and R. Fordyce, Forfar 7 on damsels.

R McBean of Moniefieth had 5 on yellow fritz and both Lyal Wilson of Newtonhill and David Keable, Aberdeen each had 4 on orange fritz and orange tadpoles.


July 2010

Week starting Monday 19th

Most caught this week was 13 by Jim Nicoll of Stonehaven on a cats whisker.

Heaviest fish caught was a 9lbs 2ozs rainbow on a dancer by Darren Thistleton from Cove.   

D.J Paton from Friockheim on his first visit to the Fishery, landed  7 on fritz. Also Jim Brown from Aberdeen had  7 on fritz.

In all a good week for the Anglers but not for the fish !!


August 2010

Week starting Monday 9th

Furthest travelled Anglers this week were from Durban, South Africa with three generations fishing.

Grandfather B, Deutz was the family winner with 2 rainbows caught on a buzzer. 

S. Boyle Benholm's 2 fish limit weighed in at 8lbs.4ozs tempted with an orange buzzer. 

Jim Brown,Torry landed 10 on olive fritz, J Dea,Cove had 8 on both white & black fritz and R Warrander, Aberdeen 5 on fritz.


August 2010

Week starting Monday 23rd

Two heavy rainbows caught this week.  A 10lbs 1oz beauty hooked on a dancer by Darren Thistleton ofCove and an 8lbs 5oz fish landed by Stefan Szesico fromNewburgh inFife who works for an oil company in Aberdeen . Stefan released his fish to live for another day. 

Don Paton, Friokheim had 5 on green/black buzzers.

 Grant Morrison, Neil Smith, Ali Dear and Andy Forman, Aberdeen and Ian Davidson of Stonehaven all had 4 on black ptn, fritz, budgies and dancers. 

Most Anglers landed their 2 bag limit with quite a few blues caught


September 2010

Week starting Monday 27th

Rab Anderson from Arbroath landed eleven fish on a blood worm. 

Heaviest rainbow was a 6lbs 8ozs beauty caught on a snatcher by Torquill McLeod from Fettercairn

James Brown of Aberdeen had a 5lbs 8ozs fish on a fritz. 

Anglers had success using a variety of flies --Conehead Zudalers, Dunkelds, Kate McLarens, Nomads, Cats whiskers, Leach and Dancers with a sinking line proving the better choice on the colder days 


October 2010

Week starting Monday 4th

Another good week at Logie. 

Rab Anderson, Arbroath caught 4 rainbows with one weighing in at 8lbs 3ozs on a leech. 

Birdie from Stonehaven had 5 on lures and Fred Mitchell, Aberdeen also landed 5 on buzzers, keeping 2 nice blues which weighed 4lbs 10 ozs


October 2010

Week starting Monday 18th

Heaviest fish landed at Logie was a 5lbs 9ozs rainbow tempted on a bloodworm by Ali Dear from Cove. 

The only lady participant Dorothy Newlands from St Cyrus caught a 3lbs 8oz rainbow on a bright green/orange fly with silver shank.

J Brown of Aberdeen also had a 3lbs 8ozs fish on an orange fritz. 

Rab Anderson from Arbroath had blues in his two bag limit which weighed in at 5llbs, and A Malcolm from Stonehaven had a 4lbs 8ozs bag on orange fritz.